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 Point of Sale (POP)

Encircle's Point of Sale electronic check conversion allows merchants to eliminate paper checks by turning them into electronic transactions at the cash register. After a customer gives a merchant a paper check, EnCircle immediately converts the paper check into an electronic transaction safely, securely and quickly.

The consumer signs a receipt authorizing the transaction, the paper check is stamped "void" and returned to the consumer. An image of the paper check is uploaded to EnCircle via secure file transfer.
EnCircle uses the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network and other processes to settle the transaction.
Funds are deposited directly into the merchant's bank account generally in two business days.
With EnCircle's electronic check service, businesses can reduce bank fees and improve cash flow. Businesses can choose to add EnCircle's Check Verification and Collection services to reduce risk, or EnCircle's Check Guarantee* service can be added to virtually eliminate receiving bounced checks altogether.
Benefits of Point of Sale Check Conversion:
Reduced bank fees, processing costs and fewer trips to the bank.
Improved cash flow and funding.
Service fee revenue.
Minimized risk of fraud and returned checks.
Access to EnCircle's extensive negative databases and risk assessment.
Immediate online reporting.
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