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Financial Institutions
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 Check Verification Providers

Why offer Electronic Check Processing Services?
Expands current product offering for check services to allow for additional check processing benefits.
Adds a new source of revenue from check processing transactions to augment highly competitive check service offerings.
NSF and other returned items are discovered faster, expediting and improving the collection process.
Improves competitiveness in the market by creating a new, high-value product to offer merchants.
  Check services companies that supply a range of various Verification, Guarantee and Collection services can greatly benefit from the many efficiencies of EnCircle's electronic check processing and reporting. EnCircle currently services some of the largest check service providers in the country.

EnCircle makes available to check service providers all check processing services and turnkey solutions as either branded service offerings or as private label extended service solutions. Please contact EnCircle to learn more about our suite of service offerings.
Why EnCircle?
World class technology and bank origination experience.
Pioneer in the check conversion business.
Interface capabilities to manage current authorization infrastructures and processes.
Flexible product implementation and service offerings.
Marquee customer and partner list.
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