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Why offer Electronic Check Processing Services?
Expands current product offering for electronic payment services.
Adds a new source of revenue from check processing transactions to augment highly competitive card processing services.
Improves competitiveness in the market by creating a new, high-value product to offer merchants.
  Traditional merchant acquiring credit and debit card financial services have gone from a paper to an electronically managed service over the past 20 years. Through this evolution, the industry has realized increased revenues through improved efficiencies and reduced losses due largely to improved authorization processes.  This same evolution is occurring today with Electronic Check processing.
Why EnCircle?
World class technology and banking experience.
Pioneer in Electronic Check conversion.
End to end check processing services.
ACH origination services and custom interface software development.
Turnkey product implementation and service offerings.
Marquee customer and partner list.
Check service experts.
  EnCircle was founded to provide merchant acquirers and processors electronic check solutions to support the evolution of paper-based to electronic check processing.

In the wake of paper to electronic technology advances, merchant acquirers and processors are at risk in loosing a tremendous opportunity to gain an additional revenue stream for one of the most popular payment options - checks. EnCircle provides solutions to fill the service gap between paper and electronic check processing for merchant acquirers, processors and their constituencies.

EnCircle makes available to financial institutions all check services and turnkey solutions as either branded service offerings or as private label extended service solutions. Please contact EnCircle to learn more about our suite of service offerings.
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