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Why offer Electronic Check Processing Services?
Reduces check-processing and handling costs by converting personal checks to electronic transactions as checks are received at the point of sale.
Automates the ability to electronically process return fees - eliminating the need for negative customer contact for a Return Fee payment if a check is returned.
Lowers check losses by retrieving online authorizations and settling transactions via ACH or on-line debit which clear prior to paper checks.
Speeds up checkout for customers and end-of day closeout for sales staff.
Provides more efficient clearing and settlement and faster funds availability.
Further reduces losses by providing additional options for Check Verification, Check Guarantee* and Check Collection services.
Improved check reporting capabilities - Immediate detailed reports available through each point-of-sale terminal and EnQuire reporting.
Consumer Electronic Check Benefits:
Faster checkout.
Enhanced check detail information reported on bank statement.
Free electronic check processing service.
Immediate record of transaction.
Improved security.


The process of converting paper checks into electronic funds transfers has finally become a reality. Thanks to advances in technology and changes in banking regulations, governments and associations now have a powerful tool designed to reduce paper handling costs, reduce losses from bad checks, improve cash flow and lower overall banking costs.

Due to the numerous financial benefits, thousands of governments and associations are using check conversion today. Your organization can also take advantage of the many benefits of check conversion - faster than you probably think possible!
Why EnCircle?
World class technology and banking experience.
Pioneer in the check conversion business.
Interface capabilities to manage current authorization infrastructures and processes.
Turnkey product implementation and service offerings.
Marquee customer and partner list.
  EnCircle makes available to government agencies and associations all check services and turnkey solutions as either branded service offerings or as private label extended service solutions.
  Please contact EnCircle to learn more about our suite of service offerings.
EnCircle Government Product Solutions:
Electronic Check - A fully integrated "end-to-end" system for converting checks into electronic funds transfers.
Check Verification, Check Guarantee* and Check Collection services are available on all EnCircle services.
Accounts Receivable/Lockbox (ARC) - Allows organizations to process checks from the consumer via the mail or drop-boxes as electronic items.
Re-presented Check (RCK) - Electronically accelerates the collection of consumer checks that have been returned for insufficient funds. Check Collection and Consolidated Returns services can also be combined for a comprehensive check solution.
Check Collection - EnCircle has been a leading provider of electronic and paper Check Collection and Check Guarantee* for over a quarter of a century, collecting billions of dollars in checks. Our ability to collect checks is unmatched in the industry.
Mail Order Telephone Order (TEL) - Allows organizations to accept check information via the phone.
Internet Checks (WEB) - Allows organizations to accept check information over the Internet.
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